Strategic Digital Marketing

In a world that has seen the advent of modern technology amongst other revolutionary innovations, small businesses are doing their best to keep up with the trend. Organisations are jettisoning obsolete business models and fast taking advantage of digitalisation in a bid to tap into the buoyant returns provided by this global goldmine.

Businesses adopt strategic digital marketing techniques with which they gain the attention of their target audience and this goes a long way to build confidence and overall brand equity. Therefore, digital marketing models often differentiate thriving businesses from their counterparts struggling for relevance. Here are a few ways strategic digital marketing can add profitable value to your business:

  1. HEALTHY COMPETITION – Digital marketing avails small and medium businesses of the opportunity to compete in a diverse environment, giving them a fair share of the market previously dominated by the larger corporations.
  2. RETURN ON INVESTMENT – A recent survey conducted by Zenera Consulting showed that compared to traditional media, small and medium-scale businesses cited email marketing (newsletters and news alerts) and social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads) as the two most significant channels with which they market their products and services. These channels also allow them monitor leads and track business growth, which are important factors to be considered in digital marketing.
  3. CUSTOMER/TA ENGAGEMENT – According to the same survey carried out by Zenera Consulting, 76% of the respondents (private organisations) revealed they often got feedback from their clients whenever they sent out newsletters and also when they posted content regularly on their social media pages. This method of customer engagement serves to bolster customer satisfaction and business productivity. Also, businesses that maintain a structured digital marketing routine tend to spend less time marketing new services and offers to their target audience based on the existing brand affinity and loyalty.
  4. ACCESS TO MOBILE PHONE USERS – According to a second quarter sector report published by the National Bureau of Statistics in June 2016, a total of 92,181,978 GSM subscribers use the Internet through mobile telecommunications networks, constituting about 62% of the overall GSM usage in Nigeria. What this means is that over 90 million Nigerians use their mobile phones on the go and strategic digital marketing would not only pique their interests but also yield profitable returns for businesses.
  5. BRAND IMAGE & CREDIBILITY – If you maintain an optimal level of digital marketing, it would go a long way to help build an exemplary image for your brand. Customers are known to respect businesses that regularly deliver on brand promise and this eventually leaves a positive impact on your brand. Consequently, businesses with good reputation potentiate their existing customers and brand ambassadors who would help refer more clients.
  6. BRAND RELEVANCE – Adopting the ideal methods on digital media helps businesses maintain relevance for growth and productivity. Through constant use of digital media, organisations can stay abreast of trends and deliver the most modern and qualitative services to their customers.

Digital marketing is a simple, yet complex platform with a great deal of lucrative potential and benefits. As such, businesses must take full advantage of this opportunity by contracting foremost digital marketing agencies such as BuzzDigital to ensure they provide the best services and yield huge profits in the process.

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