Don’t Press the Panic Button

Should you press that panic button and cut down costs on brand imperatives as your CFO just advised for the umpteenth time on the pretext that sales are low? Despite what that professor said at your MBA school in the 90s, recent and deeper insights have proven that the opposite is actually the smart way forward.

Nearly one half of a company’s corporate reputation (45%) is attributable to its CEO’s reputation, just as executives in a firm value the key attributes of humility, visibility and persuasiveness more than others in the CEO.

This reports is according to a new research titled The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Eraby KRC Research among more than 1,750 executives in 19 markets worldwide.

Similarly, 44% of a company’s market value is attributable to its CEO’s reputation. Tellingly, one-half (50%) of the global executives we surveyed report that they expect CEO reputation to matter even more over the next few years.  Global executives also say that a positive CEO reputation attracts new employees (77%) and helps to retain them (70%).

According to the study, only one out of four CEOs were described by their executives as being humble, as global media coverage of humble CEOs has spiked 200% in the past year and mentions have risen 70% in a Google search.

On visibility, ahefty 81% of global executives believe that for a company to be highly regarded it is important for CEOs to have a visible public profile; while the majority of global executives (82%) believe speaking engagements by CEOs to be most beneficial when engaging external stakeholders.

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