What Executives Value in Their CEOs

Nearly one half of a company’s corporate reputation (45%) is attributable to its CEO’s reputation, just as executives in a firm value the key attributes of humility, visibility and persuasiveness more than others in the CEO.

This reports is according to a new research titled The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Eraby KRC Research among more than 1,750 executives in 19 markets worldwide.

Similarly, 44% of a company’s market value is attributable to its CEO’s reputation. Tellingly, one-half (50%) of the global executives we surveyed report that they expect CEO reputation to matter even more over the next few years.  Global executives also say that a positive CEO reputation attracts new employees (77%) and helps to retain them (70%).

According to the study, only one out of four CEOs were described by their executives as being humble, as global media coverage of humble CEOs has spiked 200% in the past year and mentions have risen 70% in a Google search.

On visibility, a hefty 81% of global executives believe that for a company to be highly regarded it is important for CEOs to have a visible public profile; while the majority of global executives (82%) believe speaking engagements by CEOs to be most beneficial when engaging external stakeholders.

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